Child Creativity Lab Offers Reusable Materials Scholarships

Feb. 25, 2016


SANTA ANA, CALIFORNIA (February 25, 2016) – With teachers often spending over $500 a year out of their own pocket to provide for their classroom, and after-school programs increasingly recognized as playing a valuable role in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) education, the Child Creativity Lab has created fifty (50) Materials Scholarships to be distributed to selected professionals working at state-funded after-school programs and other eligible at-risk after-school programs in Orange County.

With the financial support from the Edwards Lifesciences Foundation and Cox Communications, each scholarship will provide $100 worth of much needed materials and supplies from the Child Creativity Lab Depot for Creative Reuse. Materials must be used to support STEM-based programs, and applicant organizations will go through a review process based on need, quality of the utilization of materials for STEM-related projects and additional criteria. Those interested in applying should request an application from the Child Creativity Lab.

The Child Creativity Lab Executive Director, Peter Chang, says the process will be needs-based and competitive. “We’re looking to partner with after-school programs that have truly developmental STEM-based programs. These scholarships are designed to not only increase STEM capacities and skills, but also improve attitudes towards STEM fields and careers.”

Located in Santa Ana, California, the Child Creativity Lab Depot for Creative Reuse is filled with reclaimed and reusable materials procured from businesses and individuals in and around Orange County. Materials include unique and clean manufacturing scraps, a variety of fabrics and textiles, paper goods, decorations, burlap sacks and many other items that can be repurposed for educational projects. The organization also provides pre-packaged STEM-based Challenge Kits that support the continued engagement and enrichment of STEM fields in our youth.

The Child Creativity Lab's mission is to nurture the creative mindset of our children in the headwinds of the busy lifestyles of working parents, the consuming technology culture of our youth, and standardized testing for purposes of enhancing problem solving, critical thinking, divergent thinking, and ability to innovate. The nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization offers STEM-based educational programs that focus on creativity-enhancing stimulation and inspiration in alignment and in support of overarching California State Department of Education initiatives for pre-Kindergarten through 8th graders. 

The Child Creativity Lab is an independent 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. For general information, visit

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Peter Chang
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